Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

After a bone fracture, the implantation of an artificial hip, knee or shoulder joint, in the case of muscular diseases or after surgical interventions on the spine, the aim is to regain the original functions of the musculoskeletal system as fully as possible. Our individual, therapeutic and medical range of services is also ideally prepared for the follow-up to conservative medical treatment in order to support you in building up your muscles and regaining your independence in everyday life. We can achieve this - with targeted rehabilitation measures.

As specialists in the field of so-called musculoskeletal rehabilitation, we use various therapy methods to help our patients train the right movements and rebuild their muscles. In addition, it is our concern to give them back their security and self-confidence so that they can return to their usual everyday life free of pain and with a good feeling.

The rehabilitation process is carried out in interdisciplinary treatment teams on the basis of recognised standards - goal-oriented and entirely according to the individual needs and resources of our patients.

Therapy Goals

  • Treatment of pain and the elimination of functional deficits.
  • Recovering skills necessary to achieve the greatest possible independence in everyday life.
  • Improvement of nutritional status after hospitalisation or during illness.
  • Restoring normal daily functions after an illness or an accident.

Our treatment offer

We specialise in musculoskeletal rehabilitation on an inpatient basis. Our programs are designed for people with joint and spinal disorders, rheumatic and muscular diseases and those who need post-surgical rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery. 

We offer rehabilitation after both surgical AND conservative treatment to help you re-establish muscle strength and regain independence in everyday life. At our Robotics Center, we provide robotic & computer-based rehabilitation across all age groups. Robotic devices are particularly effective in partial weight bearing and gait training. 

Our patients often have two or multiple conditions. Our professional team of specialists, therapists and nurses strive to provide comprehensive medical care. 

For more information, please see Interdisciplinary Team

Stephan Schlampp
Specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, Head Physician MSK, Member of the Clinic Directorate
Tel.: +41 71 978 63 71