Outpatient therapies

We offer outpatient services that include conventional physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, medical massage therapy, and medical training therapy in our in-house gym.

Our treatment offer

As the therapy schedule is made on an individual basis, our patients enjoy the greatest possible private flexibility but can still benefit from our comprehensive and needs-based range of services.

Respiratory therapy uses special exercises to train respiratory muscles and improve breathing in general.

Special exercises for the pelvic muscles strengthening can help with weak bladder, intimate wellbeing improvement, pelvic and bladder pains, as well as bowel evacuation disorders. Pelvic floor therapy includes physiotherapy arrangements that enable the pelvic muscles strengthening.

With this option, you can have the procedures you need at your place – whether after a hospital stay or rehabilitation.
Thanks to treatment at home, you won’t have to spend time traveling back and forth. Our multidisciplinary therapy team is ready to treat you in an environment that is comfortable for you. We offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech therapy. Our goal is for you to take back your independence and improve your quality of life as much as possible.

Individual therapy option: hand therapy, manual therapy, counselling on assistive devices, strategy training, injury prevention.

Evaluation, advice, and explanation of possible adjustments in a living space with regard to injury prevention and assurance of as much independence as possible.

Those who eat and drink properly contribute a lot to their recovery. That is why we pay enough attention to nutrition in our clinic. Specialists are ready to help our patients with any nutrition questions they may have and teach them how their eating habits can be best adjusted during rehabilitation and after it. When our patients can enjoy good food, it can greatly improve quality of their life.

For individual and / or group therapy, manual therapy, kinesiology tapes, myofascial release therapy, pelvic floor therapy, and medical training therapy (MTT).

The aim of speech therapy is to restore and maintain the communication and other functions of the patient’s organs of speech.

Classical massage, foot reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, and connective tissue massage.

Medical training therapy (MTT) has developed from the movement and training theory and supports the process of rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Aquatic therapy takes place in our spacious exercise pool. Supervised by a physiotherapist, you will train to a program that has been adjusted for you personally. 
Aquatic therapy is covered by health and accident insurance, provided that it is prescribed by a doctor.

Outpatient Services in Zurich

VAMED in Switzerland operates two innovative outpatient rehabilitation centers at Seefeld and Zurich Airport (The Circle). Both centers keep up with the latest scientific insights and use innovative technologies such as computer-assisted devices for rehabilitation. Through cooperation and collaboration with other healthcare partners, we are ready to offer holistic injury prevention and rehabilitation arrangements.

VAMED Rehabilitation Center Zürich Seefeld

An innovative center for outpatient rehabilitation. We offer a variety of services ranging from physiotherapy, medical training therapy (MTT), robot-assisted therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy to neurological and psychiatric consultations. Thanks to the modern training and therapy rooms we can create excellent conditions for your successful rehabilitation. Our therapists will accompany you on your journey back to self-sufficiency and independence.

VAMED Rehabilitation Center Zurich Airport

VAMED rehabilitation center is based at the KIESER fitness studio at THE CIRCLE venue near Zurich airport. Thanks to such collaboration, patients from our region can benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of services, which combines elements of KIESER training and elements of VAMED's  therapy. We can offer them all-round care, providing it at a central location in a modern environment.