Spa stay

The Rehaklinik Dussnang offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of spa treatments carried out under medical supervision in a state-of-the-art rehabilitation environment. Our spa team consists of experts in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and respiratory therapy.

Our guests benefit from the latest therapy methods. We use computer-assisted movement analysis to offer them bespoke treatments tailored to their condition and needs.

To ensure that our patients have the best spa experience possible, we also offer them in-house Spitex  services. Our nurses are trained to provide both basic and treatment care and support.

Our treatment offer

  • Accommodation in an elegant single room (in a double room with accompanying person)
  • Medical consultations on admission and discharge
  • Medical consultations (1 × per week)
  • One individual and one group therapy session per day (additional therapy services are available as a self-pay offer)
  • Nurse's consultation on admission
  • Qualified advice on essential aids
    customised exercise programs for home use
  • Use of the indoor pool, steam bath, sauna and gym (if approved by your doctor)

Additional services

As a spa guest, you can also book additional therapies, treatments and activities on-site. Prices on request. These services are available on a self-pay basis only. 

General information

In order to plan your stay at the spa, we will require a medical referral certificate prior to your admission. The booking of the spa packages requires your doctor's consent. In case of your early departure, the cost of the packages cannot be refunded.

Tip: Check with your health insurance company whether the costs can be partially covered by your supplementary insurance. Some health insurances reimburse up to CHF 200.- per day for a spa stay.

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