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Services of our International Office

The International Office is the One-Stop-Shop for all your needs and inquiries regarding the admission and your stay with us. Kerstin Merz and her team provides support before, during and after your medical treatment in Zihlschlacht.

You don't have to worry about Visa requierments, transportation, accommodation for your relatives or a tailored therapy schedule, the international office team will make sure everything is organised and you’re well looked after.

Please don't hesitate in getting in contact for further advice.

Welcoming International Guests

For over 30 Years

We welcome guest from all around the world and we are very well aware that feeling at ease is important. Our team will always do everything possible to take culture, language and food preferences into account.

Kerstin Merz


Kerstin Merz International Office +41 71 424 33 66
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