Post Covid Rehabilitation

Fit after Covid

Boost your resilience

Our "Fit after Covid" programme is aimed at people who have had Covid and are still suffering from from long Covid symptoms. These include fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and a loss of the sense of taste and smell.

It's paramount to do something good for yourself. You conquer long-term covid effects with a combination of moderate exercises, breathing therapy, relaxation and additionally you strengthen your immune system with an appropriate nutrition.

The Approach

Find your own Energy

After an initial medical examination where our senior physicians assess your condition, we produce an individual therapy schedule for you. Our team of experts consisting of medical specialists, physiotherapists, occupational & respiratory therapists and nutritionists will put together a personalised weekly programme for you. You will also receive an exercise programme for later practice at home.

The 14-days programme

The programme includes overnight stays with full board (rich à la carte breakfast with freshly squeezed, immune-boosting juices, lunch and a 3-course menu dinner), herbal teas and mineral water in your room as well as in the wellness area, use of the indoor pool, steam bath, sauna and a fitness room as well as up to 5 individual therapies daily.

The Programme

What is Included

We propose the following initial outline. We will adapt the schedule individually to your needs.

Medical services

  • Entry assessment with a senior physician and recuring visits during your stay
  • Blood analysis and evaluation at day of admission and before discharge
  • Nutritional consultation

Therapeutic services

Up to 5 therapies daily depending on your personal condition (Monday to Friday). The following therapies are recommended

  • Breathing training - The aim is to stretch the respiratory muscles (special breathing techniques, for example, lip-braking, cough training, diaphragmatic breathing)
  • Physiotherapy - Training of the respiratory support muscles, gait training with pulse monitoring,
    Mobilisation of the respiratory muscles, endurance training in water or bicycle training
  • Relaxation - Singing bowl massage, meditation, relaxation techniques or full body massages.

For more therapy options refer to our therapies page.

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