The Rehaklinik Dussnang was established more than 130 years ago and has undergone an exciting transformation over this time. Our commitments have always remained the same though: the latest, state-of-the-art equipment as well as the high quality of the professional services we provide to our patients and spa and Kneipp centre guests.

2018: Opening of the New Tolenberg Building

After the groundbreaking ceremony in April and the laying of the foundation stone in June, the shell of the new "Tolenberg" building was completed in November 2017, its construction only taking eight months. Thanks to the new building, the Rehaklinik Dussnang has since been able to deliver both geriatric rehabilitation and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services at full capacity. 

The new building was constructed in accordance with the Minergie standard and comprises 54 patient rooms on the three upper floors and a new therapy centre on the first floor. The new building was put into operation in July 2018.

2018: Transformation into the Rehaklinik Dussnang

The former Kneipp spa hotel becomes the Rehaklinik Dussnang. Its entire design, its name and its logo are adapted to the new orientation. From now on, the new name reflects the scope of services that have long been delivered here. What was started as a spa house turns into a modern rehabilitation facility, which is listed on the hospital lists of five cantons.

2014: Getting Bigger and Bigger

In 2014, the Benedictine Order also withdrew as the clinic’s owner and sold it. Since mid-2014, Rehaklinik Dussnang has been part of the VAMED Gruppe, the world's leading provider for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It continues to focus on its concept to operate as a modern rehabilitation centre with high quality services and a particularly friendly atmosphere.

Until 2011

Due to a lack of junior staff and specialists, the management was passed into secular hands at the end of the 1980s. However, the nuns continued to live here until 2011. Their work and the spirit of the Benedictine Order gave the former Kneipp facility its very special atmosphere: caring for body and soul, maintaining inner peace and vitality were important pillars of everyday life.


The water cure facility of yesteryear now becomes a rehabilitation centre with a hotel ambience. The foundation stone of its light-flooded new building was laid in 1993.


The then Kneipp facility owed its development and existence to the efforts and selfless dedication of the nuns. The "Ora et labora" motto was put into practice to the highest degree. Until 1977, there were 44 sisters working here. The sharp decline began in 1987. In 1998, there were only 21 sisters left.


In 1898, the Benedictine Order of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Cham bought the water cure facility and from then on, ran it in accordance with the principles of Father Sebastian Kneipp. The hydrotherapy centre, which was soon to be widely known, started its operation.


The history of the former Kneipp facility began in 1888, when pastor Eugster had a neo-Gothic parish church built in Dussnang and a hydrotherapy centre right next to it. The hydrotherapy facility, incredibly modern at the time, was directly fed by its own spring.