Our medical offer

Our team of experienced and highly-qualified doctors from multiple medical specialties are committed to providing personalised medical care. Each and every day, we put our heart and soul into continually improving our patients' health and wellbeing.

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Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

We specialize in inpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation. This includes the treatment of joint and spinal disorders, rheumatic and muscular diseases and post-operative rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery.

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Geriatric rehabilitation

Our interdisciplinary treatment team works with our patients to develop individual treatment plans that can be adapted to the individual's life situation and goals.

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Spa stay

At the Rehaklinik Dussnang, you have the opportunity to undergo a spa treatment under medical supervision and under modern rehabilitation conditions. Individually adapted therapy methods and a professional team of experts ensure optimal treatment results.

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Kneipp-inspired offer

The philosophy of Sebastian Kneipp has a long tradition in Dussnang. You are welcome to work out a personal Kneipp-inspired plan in consultation with our therapists in Dussnang and then enjoy a Kneipp-inspired treatment with us.

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Interdisciplinary team

Complex medical problems can be examined from different perspectives in an interdisciplinary team. This approach can make a significant contribution to establishing a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

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